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Fisheries Management: Effects of low-water periods in reservoirs
Arriving at your favorite bass lake only to find the water level well below normal is a nightmare every bass angler will have to face sometime in life. Understanding what happens during a low-water period can transform these seemingly disastrous conditions into some fine fishing.

Low-water conditions can occur anywhere in the country, but Southern and Western lakes are most likely to experience low-water conditions, and certainly for the longest durations. Drought conditions have caused low-water conditions in some Texas reservoirs for nearly four years. However, low-water conditions in most lakes are usually present for a much shorter duration.
Managing Pressure
“What I really need, Doc, is more personal discipline.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that assertion during my professional career, I could buy a small pond, like Beaver Lake in Arkansas, and retire!

In our competitive fishing, as well as in our personal lives, we all generate more ideas, opportunities and plans than we can reasonably handle. Good intentions fall by the wayside and become part of that famous paving. Deadlines are set and ignored, plans are made and abandoned, and we become disgusted about lacking mental discipline. Some give up, believing self-discipline is impossible to acquire. Others paraphrase the opening quote while seeking professional guidance. Let me suggest a better way.

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